Why I Started – A Founder’s Journey

Hello! I’m Scott Hillyer, Founder and CEO of I’d like to share with you how a mix of personal frustration, a love for our community traditions, and a big dream sparked the creation of this company.

Fairs were always a highlight of my year as a kid. They’re more than just a place for great food and fun rides; they are essential community gatherings that celebrate our agricultural heritage and pass these traditions on to our kids. It’s been hard to watch these fantastic events miss out on the benefits of modern technology.

My eyes were really opened last year after coming back from a long stint overseas. I was so excited to reconnect with my family and make some special memories, so we headed to our local fair. But what was meant to be a fun day out turned into anything but. The fair's website was a confusing mess of ticket options, and once we got there, we ran into all sorts of issues at the gates as we tried to redeem our tickets.

It took more than an hour waiting in line to find a staff member who could actually help fix our issue! This of course was a very annoying start to our day. As I looked around, I realized we were not the only family having these issues.  Was this an isolated problem with the one fair I happened to attend? Or was this a sign of a much bigger problem affecting countless fairs trying to succeed in today’s digital world?

Driven by a mix of curiosity and concern, I started talking to fair board members all over the country. It quickly became clear that my experience was far from unique. Many fairs were indeed struggling with outdated systems when moving to digital ticketing.  I also heard an even bigger issue troubling fair board members: dwindling attendance. I kept hearing, "Our fair just isn’t what it used to be—our attendance numbers keep going down." Many fairs lacked the expertise, the budget, or the time to connect with today’s online audiences. 

This realization turned a simple business idea into a heartfelt mission. The need was too great and the opportunity to make a real difference was too significant to overlook. That’s the spirit behind—we're here to ensure that these essential community events don't just survive; they thrive.

We're committed to giving every fair the boost it needs to shine. A key part of our strategy is to help fairs connect with new fans and keep their loyal visitors thrilled, all using the magic of online tools. And yes, we offer our website and marketing services for free. Why? Because that's exactly what fairs need to succeed, and their success is our success.

Our own achievements aren't our primary measure of success; we gauge our impact by the success of the fairs we help. We leverage technology to enhance the fair experience, making it more enjoyable and accessible for everyone. This isn't just business to us—it's a passion. Our team is deeply committed to revitalizing these vital community gatherings.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I’m incredibly excited about the future and deeply grateful to play a role in enhancing America's fairs. Together, we're not just preserving cherished traditions; we're elevating them for future generations to enjoy.

Scott Hillyer
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